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  1. Make the most epic wish on 11/11/11 at 11:11.
  2. Go on a road trip.
  3. Talk in a British accent for a whole day.
  4. Finish something I started in 2010.
  5. Get a job that I enjoy.
  6. Apply to The Foxy Lady.
  7. Treat myself to a spa day.
  8. Host a Scavenger Hunt.
  9. Write letters to 11 people saying things I’m too afraid to say.
  10. Do nothing but watch every Harry Potter movie in one day.
  11. See a black and white movie.
  12. Try something new that I think I won’t like, but actually end up loving.
  13. Take a risk. (5/06. Scariest thing of my life, no joke.)
  14. Go on a camping trip.
  15. Plant a flower and watch it grow.
  16. Dive into a pile of freshly raked leaves.
  17. Trust a complete and total stranger with personal issues for no apparent reason.
  18. Hide and go seek in Ikea! (2/22. Popo tried to shut us down.)
  19. Write 11 poems that I really like.
  20. Learn to play the trumpet/flute.
  21. Write a song.
  22. Watch the sunset and sunrise on the same day.
  23. Take up yoga. (3/17. I left my hands!)
  24. Write a fanfic.
  25. LARP.
  26. Dress as a different generation and go shopping.
  27. Go on a water fasting period for three days straight.
  28. Draw or paint something aesthetically pleasing. (1/11…it was abstract and I liked it, at least!)
  29. Go on a scenic hike. (6/16. “Just because she has a DSLR doesn’t mean she’s a photographer”.)
  30. Perform with The Assange Ransom. (3/18. Let’s try to forget about this. Except “Girl With One Eye”.)
  31. Kiss someone passionately.
  32. Get close to a friend I meet this year.
  33. Blow something up.
  34. Be completely honest for one whole day.
  35. Wear the exact same thing as Paloma.
  36. Hide from the popo (5/06. I can’t even.)
  37. Meet “The Snorlax Guy”.
  38. Get DHarks to call me “Baby Girl”. (5/04. Paloma missed it! So it will happen again…soon.)
  39. Boston shopping adventure with Paloma. (1/27. Yay, random Boston adventures!)
  40. Go to three concerts.
  41. Create a black out newspaper/book poem.
  42. Wake up to birds chirping.
  43. Go back to my old school to visit.
  44. Sit by a bonfire. (6/21. The first of very many.)
  45. Get scared out of my mind. (1/27. Between the homeless guy and Paloma killing me, it was scary.)
  46. Become flexible enough to touch the floor.
  47. Remove myself from an uncomfortable or awkward situation without laughing.
  48. Dance in the rain. (4/16. While waiting for Daniel Radcliffe and singing Hair at the top of my lungs.)
  49. Jump on a moonbounce. (5/28. Yay, running up and down the huge slide, and having fights and getting making it collapse and getting stuck in the side!)
  50. Hang out with an old friend from my past. (7/7. Close enough, I stopped at her house and we chatted.)
  51. Make a sand castle than destroy it.
  52. Make Moss Graffiti.
  53. Take a vow of silence for a day. (4/25. For a whole 25 hours!)
  54. Build a fort and sleep in it.
  55. Get pushed on a tire swing. (6/11. Convincing Gina we left my own graduation party…classic.
  56. Have a hippie day in a field in the summer.
  57. Choreograph a dance.
  58. Vandalise something. (7/7. Team m!ngus, activate!!)
  59. Go pawning.
  60. Roll around in mud.
  61. Fix something that’s been broken.
  62. Blow up condom balloons and fill someone’s car with them.
  63. Go to an amazing party.
  64. Pool hop.
  65. Order something with a song.
  66. Make a movie.
  67. Talk to someone over a walkie-talkie.
  68. Skip rocks.
  69. Throw something at someone. (1/30. A Barbeque chicken wrap at Brad)
  70. Whittle the bark off of a stick.
  71. Learn to play a Ra Ra Riot song on the violin.
  72. Meet a band I like.
  73. Go to Boston 11 times before the end of summer.
  74. Meet someone spectacular on the T. (1/30. Rich!)
  75. Do a puzzle. (6/23. Ogunquit, Maine! Hi Patrick!!)
  76. Read while taking a bubblebath.
  77. Go to IHOP.
  78. Make money street performing.
  79. Have a pillow-fight.
  80. Participate in Barbie-in-a-blender Day (July 27).
  81. Take my cat out on a leash.
  82. Particiapate in Sneak-A-Zucchini-On-A-Neighbor’s-Porch-Day (August 8).
  83. Feed ducks.
  84. Buy something online.
  85. Get a letter from someone.
  86. Run a Chinese Fire Drill. (5/28. And Brad thought he lost his phone. And Max illegally drove).
  87. Quote Spongebob on October 9 (Leif Erikson’s Day).
  88. Watch the stars on a summer night.
  89. Light sparklers.
  90. Find and eat a blue food, other than blueberries.
  91. Make a photo collage. (6/10. For the ol’ grad party that half of the people on the board didn’t go to…)
  92. Learn to sing a song in another language.
  93. Catch all 251 Pokemon in Pokemon Silver.
  94. Survive until 2012.